First, my apologies for the immodest naming of this blog. “Daily Clerks” simply happens to resemble the name of a nearby area of London while also being a description by an impartial third party of the way I carry out my day job. (Mum is nothing if not impartial).

My name is Jeremy Hopkins. I have been a barristers’ clerk since 1989. I have clerked in several sets of chambers with a fair bit of variety: chancery and personal injury sets in London, a multi-disciplinary set in Bristol and a top commercial set in Gray’s Inn. I’m not sure whether my current role means I am still a barristers’ clerk or not, but I am now promoting the Bar at least as much as I ever was, as Director of Operations at Riverview Law

Expressed on these pages are simply my own personal and independent thoughts, usually on matters of legal practice. I write for fun, because I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others and because it is a useful exercise of the mind. And, of course, it also helps me keep on top of my game in my day job.

I hope you find these pages of interest and possibly even of use. Whether you do or not, I’d be pleased to receive any comments, either on these pages or to